10 Reasons Why a Maldives Liveaboard is Ideal for your “New Normal” Holiday

Maldives became one of the very first countries, probably the first in Asia to open its borders for tourism without any restrictions.  Tourist Vessels were one of the first categories allowed by the Government then. The news was taken both with praise and criticism. Well, for sure we never wished to jeopardise the excellent reputation we have maintained in being one of the safest luxury destinations. There were many reasons for allowing tourists on liveaboards. I still believe that there is no better option to spend your “new normal” vacation in Maldives and here are the reasons why:

1. Safety Procedures

By the mid of April this year, the government imposed a full lockdown in Captial City of Male’ as experts came to notice a persistent community spread. This was followed after the closing all international borders on March 27th as Covid-19 was still at its novel stages and the only option we saw to control the spread was a full lockdown. However, since 1970s Maldives has always known to survive mainly on tourism. As days passed, preparations kicked off rapidly to re-open the country in a way that could guarantee maximum safety to both tourists and the locals. By the time borders opened on July 15th, Velana International Airport became accredited under the ACI’s  Airport Health Accreditation (AHA) programme. We were given guidelines which were required to be completed before we commenced our operations. Face masks and PPE were to be stocked on board and the staff were to be trained to proceed operations with social distancing and safety measures.

2. Efficient & Safe Check in & Check Out


Tourists were to be transferred direct from the airport to the boat and neither the staff nor the tourists were allowed to enter Male’ City. We monitored our staff regularly for symptoms and gave instructions to wear face masks and keep social distancing at all times. Tourists were not allowed to visit local islands and advised to avoid contact with locals thus minimising the risk of contracting or spreading the virus. In addition, from 10th October onwards all tourists visiting Maldives were required to possess a negative PCR test which has to be taken within 96 hours prior to arrival. All of these measures ensured maximum security to tourists. The above procedures were to be strictly followed during Check in and Check Out.

3. Charters Only

Since the borders opened from 15th July, we have only marketed and targeted for private charters. Which means the liveaboard you book can be occupied by your group only. It can occupied by as less as 6 people such as your family or group of friends to a maximum of 24 pax which could be from your dive club or surf school. The reason why we are only targeting private charters is for your safety and comfort. You will exactly know the people who you will be sharing your boat and their health conditions. This also allows you to have the boat all by yourself allowing you to have a tailor made holiday exactly how you want it.

4. You can cruise to Multiple Locations


One of the most common frustrations Covid-19 has caused us is the restriction of movement even while you are traveling. You wouldn’t have to worry about those restrictions on a Liveaboard since you can cruise anywhere within the premises of Maldives. You are not allowed to travel to any inhabited islands or resorts. However, out of the 1192 islands in Maldives, only around 30% of them are inhabited. The remaining 70% of the islands are all uninhabited islands and you can cruise to multiple atolls, islands, sandbanks, coral reefs, dive spots, fishing spots, surf spots or what ever beauty Maldives has to offer. Of course, it also depends on the number of days you decide to stay onboard with us. But the good news is, you will not have to be bored or annoyed of the fact that you would be restricted to travel to any part of Maldives.

5. You can enjoy multiple activities


Divers Dive, Surfers Surf and the Fisherman Fish! And than there are those who enjoy both or all of them. But we also understand that during your vacation you may want to do more. Here are just a list of some activities that you can enjoy during your trip:

  • visit multiple uninhabited islands
  • visit to sandbanks
  • enjoy water sports
  • snorkel at beautiful coral reefs
  • snorkel with whale sharks or Manta Rays
  • putting up BBQs
  • Having fun dance parties
  • Enjoy a Robinson Crusoe Island Experience
  • Spend an overnight at a Sandbank or an Island
  • Enjoy cocktails and drinks from our bar or on one of the islands
  • Experience the Maldivian traditional Sunset Fishing
  • A private candlelit dinner onboard or at the beach with your significant other
  • Beach Volley or Football (Soccer for Americans)
  • Kids friendly activities for families

Above are just some of the activities that are frequently requested or included in our itineraries. There are so many things that you could do which are not  included such as board games, movies, karoake and so on. If you have any in your mind feel free to discuss with us and we can surely accommodate them if there are anyways possible to do so.

6. You are the King or Queen

As I have highlighted before, when you take the boat for a charter you get the chance to design a tailor made holiday. During the time of your stay on board, you will not have to deal with any officers or health professionals restricting you from traveling anywhere, doing your favourite activity such as diving, surfing, snorkelling or fishing or even forcing you to wear face masks even within your social circle. Its your call on what to do today, what to eat, and where to stay.. You decide your itinerary with full flexibility.

7. History Proves It

Since the opening of the international borders of Maldives, we have hosted several groups on board our vessels. Thankfully, not a single Covid-19 positive case has been detected from any of our trips. You also don’t see on the news of any vessels being quarantined or on monitoring status by the Maldives Health Protection Agency. I am not saying that vessels are 100% safe and you will be completely immune to Covid-19 while on board. All I am trying to prove is that during the three months since the borders opened, Liveaboards has proven to operate with practices and conditions providing maximum safety to our guests. All thanks to the National Boating Association of Maldives and the entire Liveaboard Community for the effort put forward in to adhering the guidelines set forward for safe and sustainable tourism.

8. Ideal for Longer Stays


We have seen a completely new trend becoming popular among “Post Pandemic Holidaymakers”, which are longer stays. For many reasons with travel being restricted, travellers have been seeking longer vacations with an average of 14-21 days compared to the usual 7 days. Now if you are on a liveaboard, just imagine how adventerous it could be! You don’t have to snorkel in the same house reef or sunbath on the same beach. You will get the chance to explore the Maldives as much as you can and we already have set itineraries for that. You also get the chance to customize your own itinerary according to how you wish whether you stay for 21 days or even for a month.

9. Way More For a Less Price


You might be thinking that a liveaboard or a yacht charter would probably cost you a fortune or rip you off. Tell you the truth, It is not the case, at all! Our Packages cover almost everything for a perfect holiday and when you divide the sum among your group members, you will realise how much affordable it is compared to many other options. Plus, the good thing is that we do not have any hidden prices. It’s all there in your initial quote with every detail. What’s even better is that the pandemic has slowed down the demand and lowered the fuel prices as well. This have allowed many service providers to drop down the prices with exclusive offers which you would have never come across if it was 2019.

10. The Crew


The crew onboard has it all in their hands whether all of the above could actually be a reality for you. They are the heart and core of your holiday and we value them exceptionally. Our crew are well trained individuals specialising in every aspect of their roles and tasks. Our guests books are flooded with excellent reviews about them and they can surely show you the true meaning of “Maldivian Hospitality”. Prior to opening of the borders, we have given them thorough training along with handbooks and instructions on handling guests with maximising safety. We were a bit nervous at first with our initial groups, but we are now totally confident that our team could handle situations and scenarios cautiously and efficiently.

Maldives has seen a progressive increase in number of tourist arrivals since the borders opened and a hopeful decrease in the daily number of Covid-19 cases in both Male’ and rest of the country. We have successfully maintained and controlled Covid-19 spread in other parts of Maldives except the Capital. The safety measures in compliance have surely attained noteworthy trust from holiday seekers. We, being a part of the Maldives Liveaboard Community and proud Maldivians, will thrive and work together with all stakeholders to keep this beautiful nation as a safe haven for you.

If you believe that a Maldives Liveaboards is truly an ideal option for your “New Normal” Holiday, do feel free to contact us through:

Email: ali@maldivescollections.com

Call / WhatsApp / Viber / WeChat: +960 9166704

Stay Safe & Visit Maldives…

Special Thanks to our fellow team members Jailam, Hassan & Saaji for the amazing photos they have taken during the trips. 

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